On metaphors

2 October 2009

Master has amazing hair. Bear with me, I'm going somewhere with this, I promise. It's dark brown but... well, the roots are completely blonde. He looks like a kid that took a mud bath. It's naturally like that, and it just makes him seem to... well, shine, really.

I've been musing on this since I last saw him, but today I was able to form words. He and I were talking about a wedding we're supposed to go to next year. My best friend Maria just got engaged. She is the only one who knows about him (and she has known about him from the beginning) and so she offered me a +1, but only if he is the one I'm bringing. *grins*

She and I were talking about table seating and she suggested I sit at the top table. But partners were going to have to be at another table, and I couldn't picture leaving Richard on his own. For one thing, he wouldn't know anyone there. For another.... well, this particular group of people wouldn't necessarily get his particular brand of humour. Fortunately there wasn't that much room at the top table, so I politely stepped down. But I mentioned this to him and he agreed. He would either step on a lot of toes accidentally or end up being a wall flower.

I can't picture him as a wall flower. Ok, sometimes my Master talks too much. And sometimes he's too hyper. But that's what I love about him. The man glows! I could watch him talking and laughing for hours. And even when he is talking too much, I don't really want to stop him.

I said this to him also and he asked for clarification. Eventually I compared him to the sun. When he's hyper, it's like a hot summer day with no wind. The sun would blind you if you looked anywhere near it and the heat is a little oppressive. When he's happy and laughing, it's like any other day when the sun is shining. It's beautiful and makes you smile just because. You feel comforting warmth all around you. You can feel the life-giving rays on your skin. And when he's sad or angry, it's like a cloudy day. You know the sun is there, but there's no warmth. You can't see it. And you just have to wait until the sun shines again.

The sun has been a male symbol for centuries. I could always understand why in theory. But now I see the reality of the sun in my male.

I asked him if I was like the moon, to see if I could continue the metaphor. His response was

"No my dear. You are the trees of the rain forest. You thrive off of my greatest moods, and I get to see you grow in response."

*grins* Not the answer I was looking for, but I know he would never simply agree with me. He comes up with his own ideas and analogies. And that's another thing I love.


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